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Thread: RIP Craig Cornett

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    Default RIP Craig Cornett

    Craig Cornett, formerly of 93.7 The Bull, has died.

    Seemed like a good guy.
    I enjoyed his morning show.
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    I was just chatting about him on another board I frequent. A guy I used to work with lived next door enough; oddly enough, they were in my current neighborhood. He said he was a great guy, super friendly, and a big family man.

    Then, I think something happened. The dude, I think, fell apart. To top it off, he was arrested for third-degree assault for beating up an fraile, old man outside of Harrah's or Ameristar in St. Chaz.
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    Y-98 KYKY days is when I listened to him. Yesterday was an all around shitty day.
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